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Yuletide letter:

Dear Yuletide author:

Thank you so much for writing for me. I'm sure I'll love whatever you write. The letter is below if you want some specific ideas, but don't feel constrained by my suggestions!

(Note: I am TeaRoses on AO3)

Optional details are optional, not only because those are the rules but because I really want you to write something you like writing. But since some people like help and hints, here are some:

General things I like: world-building, fluff, angst, kissing, cuddling, smut, unrequited love becoming requited, non-creepy age difference relationships, character exploration, humor, horror, gen, het, slash, adventures, domesticity, alternate timelines, alternate universes, hurt/comfort

General things I don't want: under-age sex, creepy power imbalance relationships, cannibalism, parody, character bashing, rape, incest, cross-overs (unless you happen to be really sure I know both fandoms, in which case they're great!)

Specific fandoms:

(These fandoms are not in any particular order, and the amount I have to say about them doesn't reflect how much I like them! I love all of them equally.)

Silent Hill 3
Heather Mason/Douglas Cartland

Really anything about those two would be great -- how did they deal with what they went through? Did they have further adventures and fight more monsters or did they stay home because like hell were they going to go through that again? Did they ever open up to each other, beyond what we saw in canon?

Gen fic or romance fic is fine! I personally like the idea that they get together after Heather is of legal age, because after all they've been through maybe the huge age difference wouldn't bother them as much as it usually might. But if you don't see it that way, rest assured that I would like gen/friendship fic equally well. (I would prefer no actual underage sex though, or for the relationship to be portrayed as predatory because I like Douglas and I really don't see him like that.)

In-game fic is also fine of course -- monster fighting, some kind of scene we didn't see, interactions with the other characters if you want (though that's totally optional, which is why I didn't list them... just letting you know it's all good.)

Again, I hope I don't sound picky, or sound like I don't want anything creepy or horrific in the fic -- this is Silent Hill and you of course should include as much (or as little) horror as you want. Even character death is fine if that's where your idea takes you. Really, if the fic is about Douglas and Heather I'm going to love it.

(Also I don't care what first or last name you use for "Heather" -- I usually refer to her as Heather Mason in-game and Cheryl Mason after but whatever you prefer is perfectly fine.)

Die Ärzte
Farin Urlaub/Bela B.

I chose Farin and Bela because I do like Farin/Bela slash and I didn't want a romantic OT3 with Rod even though I love Rod. However! I would be equally happy with a gen fic. Maybe one featuring wacky hijinks? An AU, even a silly AU, would be really fun too, as long they are still recognizable as themselves. That's just a possibility that occurs to me though, if you'd prefer a more serious, closer-to-real-life approach I'll love that too.

Slash or not, setting this at any point in Farin and Bela's lives would be fine. Putting Rod in the fic (in a non-OT3 way) is also great, though of course totally optional.

Possible ideas: Songs being inspired by fic events, traveling together, fighting zombies in outer space, playing pranks on each other, love confessions, sex...

If you're reading this and saying "That is totally not the kind of thing I was thinking of..." then write what you were thinking of! I'm sure I'll love it.

There are however two things I'd like to ask: 1. Please don't feature anyone's real life partner or family, since they are not (as) famous and I don't know how they would feel about that. 2. Please don't make the fic heavily dependent on knowing who other German celebrities are, because unfortunately it's very likely that I don't.

Inspector Sejer Mysteries:
Konrad Sejer/Jacob Skarre

These books are great, and I find myself liking Sejer and his life as much as the mysteries he tries to solve. I've always liked the dynamic between Sejer and Skarre. I find it rather slashy -- they seem very attached to one another and I believe Skarre in one book says something about how they don't need to get married because they have each other.

But if you'd rather write a fic about them being friends and colleagues than a slash fic, I'd like that just as much. Don't feel the necessity to make a "case fic" out of it unless you want to.

Possibilities: Skarre trying to figure out what makes Sejer tick, hurt/comfort of some kind, friendship/bonding, tracking down murderers, taking a day off together...

One Note: The first book about Sejer just came out in English and I may not have read it by Yuletide time, though I'm going to try to.

Yume Kira Dream Shoppe: Rin

I love all the characters but the mysterious Rin is my favorite. Here are some possibilities:

So, where did Rin come from and how did she become Rin? Was she a human living on Earth? A fantasy creature of some kind?

Or... what does Rin think of her life? Is she happy taking care of all those who come to her? Does she have any wishes of her own?

If you'd like to write a story about Rin's thoughts and behind-the-scenes work during one of the canon stories, that would be great. Or maybe you'd like to show Rin grant a wish we didn't see in canon?

Rin/King is also a cute possibility, but I didn't ask for King because I definitely don't want you tied to that at all. You might want to age King up a bit if you want to explore that though, since he turns out to be quite young in canon.

A note on Rin's gender: The author doesn't specify a gender and I tend to think of Rin as female or genderqueer. But if you like to think of Rin as male feel free to portray him that way!

Black Jack: Black Jack

The world needs more Black Jack fic and anything you want to write about him would be very awesome.

I'm not even sure what kind of possibilities to mention here because he's done everything I can think of in canon: exploring the world, healing the sick, failing to heal the sick, epidemics, tragedies, self-surgery... anything you can think of is a possibility and I'd read it all gladly. Something not even directly connected with medicine is also good: adventures, domesticity, humor, whatever works for you.

I'd rather not have Kisaragi Kei or Makube Rokurou in the fic. This is not because I don't like them! But I'm not as familiar with them or their stories as I am with Black Jack himself. Pinoko would be fine though of course optional, but I'd rather he not be interested in her romantically. (Though we already know how she feels about him!)

Feel free not to make everything 100% medically possible, since canon certainly feels free to do that. And involving the supernatural is fine too, especially since canon seems to do that now and then also. Really anything about the world's greatest unlicensed doctor is going to make me happy.

Pumpkin Scissors
Alice L. Malvin/Randel Oland

I love these two so much it isn't even funny. Randel's gentleness and fear of his own strength, Alice's steel will... they're an amazing combination. I've pretty much shipped them since the opening credits, though a fic where they're friends/comrades-in-arms is equally welcome of course -- they have a great dynamic either way.

Ideas: Teaming up to fight enemies, teaming up to fight scientists, helping poor people, helping ex-soldiers, helping stray cats, hurt/comfort of any kind, kissing, sex, no sex... whatever works for you! Exploration of their pasts, maybe their reactions as they learn about each other, would also be good.

Including other characters is also fine though optional... I love all of them.
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