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Dear Yuletide Author 2016

Thank you so much for offering to write a fic for me. I know I will enjoy it. I did put some guidelines and suggestions in this letter but optional details are optional and I wouldn't want to see you frustrated by my letter. I would also like to note that I love all these fandoms equally and I am not hoping for one more than another. Note: My AO3 name is TeaRoses.

Les Revenants - Julie Meyer I found this show so emotionally affecting, particularly the second season, even though it's horror. And I loved Julie; sometimes she seemed like the only one making sense (though the second season changed that a little too...) I'd love a fic about her: before canon, during canon, after canon. (The ending was a little mind-bending and I have my theories but I definitely would love to see someone else's take on it.) I love femslash and like her with Laure and with Ophélie, but any relationship you want to write for her is OK. (What was that business about her being pregnant when she was attacked? She didn't seem too surprised when Victor mentioned it... but that's just me speculating in an optional sort of way) And a gen fic is great too of course. Don't be afraid to get sad or horrific with this, though if you have another take on it that you think works I'd love to see it. (Please no straight humor/parody fic with this request though.) (I realize there is a bit of cannibalism in this canon and that is on my "do not want" list. If you feel like you have to mention cannibalism to make your fic work, that's fine, just please no extended or detailed scenes.)

"Sag es mit deinem Projekt | Say it with your project"

I fell in love with this commercial when I saw it on tumblr and I was so happy to see someone nominated this! I'd love to see other scenes from the lives of the "characters." I love how supportive the dad is and he reminds me a little of my dad that way, though my dad would probably have drawn the line at repainting the house. And the girl seems so misunderstood, and I got angry when they put the frog on her desk! (I can't imagine it was very nice for the frog either.)

If you want to write a relationship with an original character for the girl, that would be cute, but that's totally up to you.

If you want to go into an alternate universe or pull in magic or something along those lines that would be really fun too, whatever works for you. I would rather see the father continue to be supportive of the daughter, since that's part of the point, but feel free to write how it works out for you. Just please no incest.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

Grovyle fascinates me. I'm really curious how he met a human in the first place. How did he manage to meet one when it seems like no one else has ever seen one? And how did he become the pokemon who was trying to save the world? How did he feel about the player character when he met him or her again as a Pokemon? (Though of course the player character does not have to be in the fic.) I'm not saying you need to answer these questions, just making possible suggestions. Any kind of scene from Grovyle's life would be great. (I like Grovyle/Celebi quite a bit, though that is of course totally optional and I will be just as happy with a fic without her in it.)

If you do include the player character and/or the partner feel free to make them any pokemon you like (whether it's possible in the game or not) and any gender you like.

Things I like:

Here are some things I am totally OK with: Fluff. Angst. Fluffy angst. Angsty fluff. Gen. Femslash. M/M slash. Het. Alternate Timeline. Alternate Universe. Serious fic. Funny fic. Horror fic. Happy endings. Sad endings.

Here are a few things I especially like, but this is just for your consideration. I would love a fic just as much even if it doesn't have any of these: Kissing. Cuddling. People dressing up in fancy clothes. Mysterious and surreal scenes. Unrequited love becoming requited. People quoting literature or poetry. Hurt/comfort, including emotional hurt/comfort. Telephone conversations. Internet conversations.

There are a few things I definitely don't want in my fic. I'm not saying they are all the same type of thing because they definitely aren't. These are:

I would like a fic without: any kink involving severe pain, injury, playing with body fluids, or humiliation. Detailed scenes of rape or dubious consent. (Mentioning it is OK, especially if it is canon.) Pedophilia. Someone having a miscarriage. Cannibalism. (Including Pokemon being eaten) Incest. Fart jokes. (Specifically just that - silly humor in general is fine.) Extended descriptions of hunting animals or eating meat. (Mentioning it is fine.)

Also please no polyamorous relationships. I think they are an awesome thing in real life, and I hate even listing it, but I just don't want any in my fic this year.

However there is one thing I want to emphasize: I want to read the fic you want to write. If you are sitting there thinking "She doesn't really say, but I wonder if she'd like a fic about _____," the answer is yes. I write a letter because some authors really love suggestions, not because I want a fic designed to my exact specifications. So write something you enjoy. Thank you so, so much for writing for me!
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