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Defender of Lizards

Too much fanstuff, too little religion

4 April 1967
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I am a 45-year-old Jewish woman who enjoys anime, manga, and writing fanfiction. I struggle with issues of parenthood and religion and I discuss all that and my hobbies here. Plus fic!

When the Strikethrough business happened, I panicked a bit and friendslocked everything just to be safe. So most of the entries up to June 2007 are friendslocked. There's lot of fic in there; you're welcome to friend me if you want to look for it, and you can ask me to look for things or tag them so you can find them. Right now I'm trying to go through and tag and re-unlock all my fic. It's an ongoing project. And as of now I'm not locking fic anymore. Which reminds me...

Please be aware that I post fanfiction of all ratings, including NC-17, in this journal. Therefore some content is not suitable for minors.

Policy on Friending: You may ask to friend me or you may simply do so. If I don't friend you back right away it's probably just that my friends' list is out of control again. If you need to unfriend me, please don't worry about it.

However I do post frequently, usually once per day and sometimes more, including fanfiction, memes (for better or worse), and personal posts which are usually friendslocked. I LJ-cut everything more than a few lines long and indicate the content though.

I write mostly male/female pairings but also male/male and female/female pairings. So if any of that bothers you, keep that in mind before you friend my journal. However I always use headings telling the content of every story.

I would like to thank Athena (thena) very much for the Pride and Prejudice mood theme. All credit for it goes to her.

Here is the link to my fanfiction.net account.

Here is my old (but still loved) site of Pokemon fanfiction.

My adultfanfiction.net account.

(This account contains my adult stories, rated hard-R or NC-17. Please do not click unless you are of age to read adult stories in your area. Thank you.)

I like many books including Jane Austen, Harry Potter, and many mystery writers.

80's music, 999, adrian monk, ah my goddess!, alternate pairings, alucard, anime, animé, bela b. felsenheimer, black jack, connie willis, courtney crumrin, cowboy bebop, cyan garamonde, cynthia velasquez, dangermouse, desmodeuz ouzelum, die ärzte, divorce, donots, dorothy sayers, doujinshi, drabble, e.e. cummings, eileen galvin, elendira, elfen lied, fanfiction, farin urlaub, female characters, femslash, final fantasy vi, final fantasy x, frank sunderland, fullmetal alchemist, genshiken, ginny/luna, graphic novels, gren, haibane renmei, halo molds, harry potter, heather/douglas, hellsing, henry/eileen, hermione granger, hermione/snape, hermionexginny, het, hotel dusk, house m.d., house/cameron, hunger games, ian rankin, integra, integra hellsing, iroh, ixm, james white, jane austen, janet evanovich, jesse/james, jet black, jet/spike, judaism, karin fossum, killer floss, kimahri, kimahri/rikku, koga, legato bluesummers, little boy cat, lois mcmaster bujold, manga, meryl, midvalley the hornfreak, mr. morton, non-custodial parents, nymphadora tonks, omgwtfbbqtomato, original fiction, osamu tezuka, pet shop of horrors, pokemon, pretendingtobeahackertoimpressacertaingroupie, professor layton, pyramid head, ranger/morelli, ranma, ranma 1/2, ranma/akane, reality check, rocketshipping, royal republic, rumiko takahashi, self injury, seraphic feather, seras victoria, serial experiments lain, severus snape, sexy older men, short fic, shutterbox, silent hill, sparks, spike spiegel, stephanie plum, sucking at video games, tavicat, terry pratchett, the insurance girls, tom petty, trigun, unusual pairings, vash the stampede, vashxmeryl, venoshipping, video girl ai, vincent/claudia, vorkosigan, walter, walter cumm d'dollneazz, walterxseras, wings of desire, wkrp, wolfwood, wolfwood's cleavage, women in judaism, writing, wxs, yaoi, yuri, zombie nurses